Action for America is a non-partisan political advocacy group with a mission to reimagine politics and reinvigorate government.

We are committed to expanding the pipeline of next generation leaders to run for office, building a nationwide grassroots movement to support these candidates, and cultivating a new marketplace of ideas to provide a community for the politically homeless.

How do we make an impact

Candidate Recruitment and Cultivation | We identify, train and empower next generation leaders to run for office at all levels. We encourage young people to consider elected office as a way to become more involved and active in their government and public policy issues.

Grassroots Engagement and Advocacy | Our grassroots infrastructure helps support like-minded legislators meanwhile advancing opportunity and mobility for next generation leaders through community programs & networks, campus programming, and grassroots advocacy.

Voter Empowerment | We boost civic and electoral participation through voter registration, advocacy and education.

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