Our Vision

We believe in order to change the culture of politics you must change the leaders, the network of supporters and the incentives of the system simultaneously.

To accomplish this, we empower and connect a network of next generation leaders who are passionate about fixing a broken political system through innovation, service, and collaboration. We allow Americans to see that there is a way that their government can be reclaimed, for and by them. By offering valuable programming and collaboration opportunities we want to inspire Americans to once again engage meaningfully with elective government, as voters and as participants.

We are a community for those who believe effectiveness and pragmatism are the credentials for leadership, not party loyalty. We are the home and voice for the tens of millions of disaffected, independent, young, and moderate voters across the country who want to enact real change in our politics together.

We want to do to government what Uber is doing to taxis, and Airbnb is doing to hotels. There’s a better way to do elective government!