Staffer Interview Featuring Alan Orquiza

Posted by Blake Wright on March 21, 2014 at 12:10 PM


Name: Alan Orquiza

Position: United States Capitol Police Sergeant

Where did you go to school and what year did you graduate? I received my B.A. from the George Washington University's Elliot School in 1992.

What would you encourage current students to do that are considering a political career? Do literally hundreds of CVs, even if they're not quite in your field of choice.

What do you think is the most serious issue that the millennial generation will face? From my experience the biggest issue they will need to overcome is themselves. A lot of interns come to the Hill feeling entitled, and face the harsh reality that people simply don't care about their opinions.  This can be dejecting, and it is vital that they work through the challenge and get heard, even if it is not easy.

What strategies do you think millennials should try to get their voices heard in politics? An internship on the Hill is a must; it opens many doors as I have witnessed, or even joining a politician's campaign.

If you could get any policy passed to help millennials, what would it be? Stafford Loan help. It took me awhile to pay it off, and I wish I had had better resources to face student loans. It should be noted that if you join the Federal government some agencies will offer to pay off all of your student loan debt as a recruiting tool. My agency paid all of my Stafford loans.