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The Agenda for Generational Equity (AGE) is America’s first Millennial policy agenda to be generated through an entirely Millennial-driven, nationwide, and bipartisan process.


Unlike most policy documents, AGE was not created by a small group of policy experts. Instead, the report was crafted in a nation-wide, open-source process that engaged hundreds of young people.


In the fall of 2013, each CSA chapter researched, formulated, and presented a total of more than 150 distinct policies for inclusion in a national agenda. These policies were debated and vetted at Campus Congresses—conventions that brought together CSA chapter members and other student stakeholders, including student body presidents and the leaders of the college Democrats and college Republicans to vote on each proposal. Two representatives from each of the participating chapters convened at the AGE Policy Summit in Washington. At the summit, they determined the final policy agenda, which consisted of 40 policy options.


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