Our Plan

Every successful movement in American history had strong leadership, an agenda, and an infrastructure. They have all started with a catalyst.

America2026 is our catalyst. Our delegates are our leaders. The New American Agenda is our plan. Our infrastructure is built by our delegates and their communities.



Through a public spectacle that garners significant coverage, America2026 will demonstrate how next generation leaders can step up to do what our real Congress seemingly cannot.  The convention this November in Philadelphia will act as the launch of a For America movement. 



America2026 will bring together the brightest leaders of our time, challenge them to address our nation’s most pressing issues, and then empower them to enact the change they design. It will build a pipeline of leaders who will engage in civil society and/or  run for office with solutions-focused, non-ideological platforms.



The New American Agenda will gain traction because of the credible process that produced it. It will outline ten tangible objectives for our country--and the Action For America community--to achieve before our country turns 250 years old.  It will be injected right after the 2016 elections,  before the incoming administration sets its agenda.



With a robust national network of leaders, donors, and endorsers organized around a specific agenda they helped to create, America2026 will form the foundation of a long-term and national grassroots effort to reimagine politics as usual.


Theory of Change

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