Our Solutions

Common Sense Action (CSA) is the first and only bipartisan advocacy organization of Millennials. Founded on ideas generated by thousands of young people across the country and based on 40 campuses in 20 states, our mission is to bring Millennial voices to the policymaking table and build a movement of Millennial voters committed to advancing generational fairness, investing in Millennial mobility, and repairing politics.


What do we stand for?

  1. Advancing Generational Fairness -- we need a national entitlement solution that both maintains a fair and adequate social safety net for our grandparents today and also sustains that safety net for future generations. 
  2. Investing in Millennial Mobility -- we must make additional investments in education, workforce development, and the infra- structure of the future, so that all young Americans have the opportunity to succeed in the 21st century. 
  3. Repairing Politics -- Millennials should help heal our political system by voting more, participating in public and community service, and working across party lines. CSA must take a lead in repairing the fabric of American politics by encouraging our friends and peers to serve, participate, and vote.


What do we fight for?  


We advocate for the Agenda for Generational Equity (AGE) the first open-sourced and bipartisan Millennial agenda in the nation. AGE is built on three pillars: (1) increasing generational fairness, (2) investing in Millennial mobility, and (3) repairing politics. Below are AGE’s 5 core policy areas: 


  1. Growth and Entrepreneurship: Promoting economic competitiveness and opportunity in the 21st century must be America’s top priority. We must invest in entrepreneurs and the innovation economy, grow the clean energy economy, improve our infrastructure, support small business entrepreneurs, and champion technologically advanced manufacturing. Our country needs bold, future-minded leadership to ensure America maintains its position as the most productive and innovative nation on Earth.
  2. A 21st Century Education for All: America has fallen behind in its investments in education, and our economic competiveness has suffered. Today’s global economy is profoundly different from the economy of 10 or 20 years ago. We must incorporate STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education and technology in the classroom, increase access to both college and job skills training, and invest in and improve public education. We have lost sight of the most important factor that makes our economy thrive: the knowledge, ideas, and skills of our people. 
  3. Reduced National Debt Burden: America’s fiscal path is simply unsustainable and the longer we wait to deal with our fiscal imbalance, the greater the debt burden will be on young people and future generations. However we must find a solution that will achieve both fiscal sustainability and generational equity, any solution must require shared sacrifice while protecting the most vulnerable.
  4. REAL Immigration Reform: Immigration reform and economic growth go hand in hand. Immigrants have been essential to our country's innovative and meritocratic ethos. We must, build pathways for those who want and are willing to take the steps to pursue the American dream. But we also need to encourage people to play by the rules, so we need to improve, integrate, and enforce operations that prevent unlawful immigration and criminal enterprise.
  5. Commitment to service: We champion a commitment to service – all young people between 18-34 should commit to a year of national service. And, we believe that government, non-profits, and industry should create paid service year positions to meet demand. More national service whether in government, the military, or non-profits will help reweave the fabric of American democracy.


Our Values