November 6, 2014 Policy Articles

Posted by Blake Wright on November 06, 2014 at 8:49 PM

Every week our Director of Policy Andrew Smith collects the top policy articles of the week to foster chapter discussion around the most important policy and political issues and for chapters to share via their chapter and personal social media. Take a look at this week's articles and tell us what you think in the comments section below. 


“Battle for the Senate: How the GOP Did It.” 
Phillip Rucker and Robert Costa. The Washington Post

Two of the country’s premier political reporters offer the most comprehensive review of the mid-term election, breaking down the strategies and events that were key in creating the Republican wave. If you want to understand how the Republicans took over the Senate, Costa and Rucker’s account is the definitive one. 


“The President in His Labyrinth.” 
Ross Douthat. New York Times. 

Looking ahead, Ross Douthat proposes the kind of bipartisan agenda that might make more headway over the next two years than the reforms the president has generally offered. Douthat hopes the president will break out of the conventional centrist policy prescriptions and work with Republicans on issues where some policy entrepreneurs are already breaking the Republican mold in reform-minded ways. 


“A Victory for the Left.” 
William Saleton. Slate

Tuesday was not a good night for liberals, but if there’s a silver lining, William Saleton has tried to find it. Saleton argues that one reason for the Republican victory was that they sounded more like Democrats than in previous cycles, particularly on issues like poverty, middle class wage stagnation, and the EITC. Even if Republicans won, Saleton says, at least they seem to better understand the importance of economic equality.