November 21, 2014 Policy Articles

Posted by Blake Wright on November 23, 2014 at 10:12 PM

Every week CSA's Director of Policy collects the top policy and political articles of the week and sends them to our chapters to foster discussion on key political issues. Featuring three key AGE priorities, this week's policy update features articles on American entrepreneurship and domestic immigration policy. Feel free to read, contemplate, discuss, and share. 

Explaining The Slow Death Of American Entrepreneurship.” 
Ben Cassleman. FiveThirtyEight

One of CSA’s core policy areas is Growth and Entrepreneurship because we know innovation will be key to our generation’s future. Unfortunately, startup rates have been declining, and in this post at FiveThirtyEight, Casselman explains a new study that has two explanations for the fall in entrepreneurship: slowing population growth and increased business consolidation, likely caused in part by tax and regulatory policy.

With immigration in the news and our immigration policy creation coming up, here are two interesting articles from the Right and Left on the issue. 

The Next Border Crisis.” 
Matthew Continetti. National Review

“I do not consider it humanitarian to induce people to undertake perilous and uncertain journeys through hazardous territory in the hopes of joining a population that is at best ambivalent about them. I think it is cruel. And it is cruel not only to the immigrants, but also to American citizens, who must cope with the attendant fall in low-skilled job opportunities and wages, rising inequality, economic and social consequences of population density, and erosion of social cohesion. These are all reasons confidence in public institutions is at a low. Obama’s executive order will drive it lower.”

“Suffer Little Children.” 
Paul Krugman. New York Times

“So there are some difficult issues in immigration policy. I like to say that if you don’t feel conflicted about these issues, there’s something wrong with you. But one thing you shouldn’t feel conflicted about is the proposition that we should offer decent treatment to children who are already here — and are already Americans in every sense that matters. And that’s what Mr. Obama’s initiative is about.”