CSA in the News: CSA Members Write Op-Eds on Education Cost, Student Voting, and Prison Reform

Posted by Blake Wright on October 02, 2014 at 8:00 AM

CSA in the News: CSA Members Write Op-Eds on Education Cost, Student Voting, and Prison Reform




As students ready to express their opinion and eager to take action on important subjects, CSA members Austin Frank, MacKenzie Marcotte, and Marissa Espinoza wrote op-eds in local and regional outlets on prison reform, youth voting, and education costs. 

Published in the Roanoke Times member of the CSA chapter at Washington and Lee University, Austin Frank calls for substantial and sustained prison reform. Read Austin's op-ed for analysis on how America's system has become so broken and what reforms are needed to fix it.

Illustrating the diversity of interest within CSA, President of the CSA chapter at Boston University Mackenzie Marcotte was published in the Daily Free Press on calling for greater youth voting in Congressional primaries. Writing on the day of the Massachusetts Primary Election, MacKenzie advocates for common sense reforms such as a national primary day to make primaries more representative. 

President of the CSA chapter at Hofstra University, Marissa Espinoza was published in Newsday calling for reform in America's higher education system. Arguing that a college degree is still essential for social mobility, Marissa calls for education reform to curb costs and increase accessibility to this critical service. 

Highlighting the importance of Millennial mobility, generational fairness, and political reform CSA members are working to promote the issues most important to Millennials. Individuals from Virginia to Massachusetts are agreeing on issues from prison to electoral reform because they are working toward a government that represents all its citizen's interests.