Common Sense Action November Newsletter: CSA's New Website, TurboVote Voter Registration, CSA on Election Day

Posted by Blake Wright on November 06, 2014 at 4:18 PM

Common Sense Action November Newsletter: CSA's New Website, TurboVote Voter Registration, CSA on Election Day

With election season officially over, CSA’s 40 college chapters have helped to register and remind over 3,500 voters in all 50 states, launched a new interactive website, organized numerous campus events, and participated in the historic Midterm elections. Read on to learn more about what's up with CSA!

 Common Sense Action Helped Register and Educate Over 3,500 Voters

As part of its goal to educate and prepare Millennial voters, Common Sense Action and its partners helped register and remind over 3,500 voters this fall. We get the government we vote for, and CSA is extremely proud to have helped thousands of Millennials to get educated, prepared, and ready to vote!

If you didn’t get free election services and voter turnout reminders for this election, you can still register with TurboVote and be prepared for next year’s election. 

 Common Sense Action Tackles Midterm Election


Participating in its first major election, Common Sense Action’s 40 chapters hosted election and voting events across the country for the 2014 Midterm elections. Some chapters were particularly active, such as the CSA chapter at the University of Virginia. CSA UVA​ partnered with the UVA Center for Politics to table outside major dining halls and student centers on November 3rd to ​remind students to vote and drove people to polling locations on November 4th encourage voting. To celebrate election day, chapters ranging from the College of William and Mary to the University of Tulsa to Arizona State University hosted viewing parties to ​track election results, and—as always—eat some pizza. 

 Common Sense Action Launched Its New Website


Earlier this month, Common Sense Action launched its new website! Our new site is much more interactive and has new features allowing CSA supporters to register to vote with TurboVote, read AGE, find local CSA chapters, and even submit their own supporter story with Humans for Common Sense Action.  

Check out our new site, read about Millennial values, and tell us what you think!

Tell Your Story and Become a Human for Common Sense Action!

Will you share your story with us?  We know you care about ​the future, and we ​are eager to share your story with our followers ​and our communities. CSA’s new website now lets supports to tell their story and become a Human for Common Sense Action.  

Tell us why you care about Millennial politics and become a Human for Common Sense Action!

 Common Sense Action Looks Forward to Fall and Spring Advocacy 

With Election season over, Common Sense Action chapters are turning our eyes toward the policymaking table. As we stand for millennial mobility, generational equity, and political reform, CSA chapters ​will promote state and federal policies that foster growth and entrepreneurship, secure a 21st century education for all, reduce the national debt burden, advance real immigration reform, and advance civic engagement and national service.