Chapter Spotlight: UGA, Swarthmore, Vanderbuilt, and Lafeyette

Posted by Blake Wright on March 04, 2014 at 6:19 PM


First and foremost, we wanted to recognize Lelia from the University of Georgia CSA chapter for creating this awesome graphic! In the light of the new House of Cards season (which I managed to watch all of in less than 48 hours), lots of our chapters have been hosting viewing parties that have had great success.  Scandal viewing parties have also been a massive success. Our members have been exceptionally creative when figuring out the best way to get members to events (grumpy hedgehogs anyone?).

Congratulations to Swarthmore for continuing to lead the CSA Activist leaderboard with 646 points! Another big shout out to our Vanderbilt chapter for leading AGE endorsements with 352 signatures!  We have already collected 1,816 signatures, and this number is growing quick.

Our Lafayette chapter is stepping up their press coverage game with coverage in their student newspaper, The Lafeyette.  The piece is titled, "CSA Proposes Bipartisan Agenda," and covers their latest event at which two notable professors discussed their thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses of AGE.  The article also covers the basic pillars of the agenda. Read the full story here.

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