Chapter Spotlight: University of Michigan and Brown

Posted by Blake Wright on February 23, 2014 at 10:56 AM


This week we wanted to spotlight two chapters doing great work in the Campus Challenge, The University of Michigan and Brown! Congratulations to our Michigan chapter for leading the AGE endorsements with 283 signatures! Both of these chapters have also done a great job with their digital media.  Their recent post deserve some attention.

The University of Michigan’s CSA chapter got their Campus Challenge press release published in The Michigan Review.  We love to see our chapter’s utilizing their press savvy to make our mission stand out. Check out the full press release here.

The Michigan chapter also had a great piece titled, “Viewpoint: Our generation’s chance to affect change,” posted on The Michigan Daily.  It points out some of the common misconceptions about the millennial generation, and discusses why CSA can prove that millennials make a difference. “We will not follow the example Congress has set for us. We refuse to accept partisan gridlock as an answer for inaction in Washington on the most pressing policies to our generation’s future.”  Read the full article here.

Our Brown chapter has also had a great article posted in their university's newspaper, The Brown Daily Herald. It covers the lecture that former Senator, Olympia Snowe, gave at Brown about why she decided to resign from Congress.  Living in the legislative gridlock during her term as Senator made her realize that Congress was no longer capable of doing its job.  In her lecture she mentioned CSA, and how groups such as ours are necessary for a better future.  Read the full article here.

Want to follow up with these chapters? Check them out on social media. The University of Michigan's Facebook and Brown's Facebook are always posting great content.

These chapters are doing a great job! Keep up the good work.