Chapter Spotlight: Swarthmore, UNI, and LSU

Posted by Blake Wright on February 25, 2014 at 5:08 PM


Swarthmore, UNI, and LSU have recently posted great blogs! These chapters are also excelling at the 2014 Campus Challenge.  Congratulations to Swarthmore for leading the National Activist leader board with 642 points!!  The University of Northern Iowa has gotten 24 AGE endorsements, and Louisiana State University is also doing well with 125 activist points.  The Campus Challenge is well underway, and we are thrilled to see every CSA chapter has points on the activist leader board!

Tom McGovern’s blog, “Why Common Sense Action,” is a testimonial to his belief in Common Sense Action.  He describes the moment he realized that political affiliation was a real issue that needs to be approached with teamwork, not destruction.  “One day on the bus back from middle school, the other boy from a family that identified as Democrat was beaten up for wearing an Obama shirt.   The idea that a group of thirteen and fourteen year-old friends would turn on each other over such an abstract notion as political part affiliation was appalling.”  Read the full story here.

The University of Northern Iowa’s Eric Zenisek wrote an excellent piece titled, “Campaign Season.”  Campaign season is heating up in Iowa, even if the temperature is not. Did you know it was -36 there recently?! Stay warm kids.  Eric talks about why CSA is so important come campaign season. “All roads to the White House run through Iowa. CSA at UNI will actively direct that road toward favorable bipartisan policies for millennials.”  Read the full story here.

Jourdan Moschitta, a member of the LSU chapter, wrote the blog, “Moschitta: Why I Got Involved with Common Sense Action at LSU.”  She describes a childhood of political interest, and the realization that today’s political climate is not one she can easily achieve her goals in.  Jourdan joined LSU so that she could bring her voice to a movement and make sure that our generation is heard.  Read the full story here.

Great work to our three spotlighted chapters! If you want to follow their activities more closely check out their Facebook pages (Swarthmore, UNI, and LSU).