Awaken 100


It's our time to lead!

Embracing the entrepreneurial spirit embedded in the DNA of our country, Action for America is calling upon 100 next generation leaders to run for state and local office in 2017 and beyond.

College students, young business leaders and social entrepreneurs are the innovators and trendsetters of our generation. What if we harnessed that innovation and channeled it towards fixing government? Action for America wants to awaken courageous and visionary next generation leaders to run for office and challenge them to change the way we do government.  

There could not be a more urgent calling for pragmatic, young leaders to step forward and take advantage of this unprecedented effort. In every industry besides politics, talented young leaders are being recruited to change the world around them. Action For America wants to challenge that paradigm and awaken the power of this generation to take office. Join us!

Who are we looking for?

We are seeking a slate of the most visionary and talented young leaders –– Republicans, Democrats, and independents –– who:

(i)  Demonstrated capacity to mobilize people and resources to solve tough problems
(ii) Motivated by a desire to make an impact and innovate beyond the status quo
(iii) Pragmatic, collaborative and future-focused approach to solving complex problems

The "Awaken Us Conference"

In March 2017, AFA will run a three day conference “The Awaken Us Conference,” in which delegates will come together to create a shared vision for their campaigns, discover how they want to lead their communities, and collaborate on policy issues facing similar communities. Delegates will explore how to effectively campaign and govern in accordance with core principles that transcend particular partisan agendas. The conference will help foster camaraderie and develop a plan to continue their commitment with their fellow delegates beyond the conference itself.

Frequently asked questions

How will AFA identify its candidates?

Action for America will recruit a representative slate of 100 next generation leaders through a rigorous national search effort, including an intense research and outreach program.

A Selection Committee comprised of a bipartisan group of distinguished national leaders will advise the selection process and make all final decisions on who is invited to participate on the Awaken 100 slate.

Why "next generation" leaders?

Young Americans will bear the greatest burden if the political status quo persists yet are drastically underrepresented in government. Untethered to the existing political establishment, the rising generation is uniquely positioned to offer the kind of fresh blood, new ideas, and different approach in governing that Americans of all generations deeply desire.

What are the requirements to apply?

  • All Delegates must either attend the America 2026 convention or crowdfund $1,000* from at least 200 supporters in their communities.
  • Between the ages of 18 and 40 at the time of the conference
  • Upon being invited to join the Awaken 100 delegation, individuals will be asked to sign the Awaken 100 Pledge

* Some scholarships and sponsorships available.

Who will the delegates be?

A diverse slate of AFA candidates – Democrats, Republicans, and independents – will be chosen based on their leadership, personal attributes, and alignment with the AFA mission. The ideal candidate has demonstrated a record of leadership and accomplishment based on innovation and collaboration in his or her community. A history of involvement in politics is not required or preferred.

So our message to the best and brightest of our generation: We can't wait. We need you. We are ready to support you. It's time to take action –– take action for a better government, to take action for a brighter future, to take Action for America.